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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Work and Play: A Theater Teacher's Exploration

The First of Many To Come
A blog of exploration...
I have been writing blog pages for the classroom for about two years now, but have never written one for the sole purpose of release and reflection. It is exciting to write about what I do in the classroom and how I also keep busy with the after school program.

This is definitely something I have been needing to do. Time gets away from you and I would like to use this blog as a feeble attempt to slow down the clock a bit. I would like to take a breath after big moments in the year or take a breath and to be given anopportunity to look back on a situation with a new perspective.

Sometimes the stage needs to be gazed upon as it sits empty, so we can begin to see what needs to fill in the space...

The Objective Seems Clear...

This is the beginning of a journey, and I am hoping it pays me back in the end by illuminating areas of my work that need discussion, attention and adjustment. I would like to re-examine areas that just need to be celebrated and reflected upon. In the end I believe the work should improve and the job should stay challenging.

I vow to try and express my opinions and share my ideas with respect to those who know more than little ol' me and I hope they will feel free to comment and share their expertise or ideas in the comments section below the posts.

If I could wish for one thing with this blog, it would be that I give myself the liberty to remain honest but with a promise to be respectful. I know that I have a duty to uphold as a certified and tenured teacher in a MO School District.

I would just like to take this opportunity to discuss, explore the opinions of the experts and look at certain topics in hopes to solve lingering problems or fix situations.

I would like this to be a forum of sorts and for this to work as another source of information for teachers and theater artists. 

I already have people from all over looking at my classroom and department pages 
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